Yearbook 04: March & Red.

     My answer differs every time I was asked what my favourite color is. The truth is my favourite color is red. I have met someone who said that his favourite color is vermillion. What color is vermillion anyway.

     One thing that I love to do in my spare time is listening to podcasts. I listen to Colt's excellent AOW, Sanderson's Writing Excuses and the amazing Good Job Brain almost weekly. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is good too in small doses - his coverage of Genghis Khan is amazing.  
Good Job Brain's podcast on colors was an interesting listen and frankly the main inspiration for this month's yearbook entry.  Perception of color occurs when light hits a certain object, and depending on the object it will selectively block some colors whereas it will reflect others - the reflected ones being what we can see with our own naked eye.

     It is all very confusing really. Interestingly, there's a famous French painter named Claude Monet, whose able to see colors beyond what the human eyes can normally see. This happened after he had done surgery to remove the cataract in his right eye. The lens of his right eye was removed and he gained something akin to an ultraviolet vision.

     It was said that blue looks bluer to him, orange looks oranger and so on. The color of his paintings after the operation looks quite bizarre to be honest. That is Monet and his perception of colors.

     Sometimes we also perceive things, colors I mean -  differently after we gain more knowledge. Do you know there's real color named Islamic Green? Rose is more purple than red? They use a substance called Nigrosin to create black colored inks and dyes for clothes because pure black is hard to be replicated? Perception and knowledge goes hand in hand.

     And now I know vermillion is a shade of red you smart aleck.

March & Red - 3

This cute little backyard is called Neal's Yard, situated somewhere in Covent Garden, London. The pastel colors used on the walls are a sight to behold.

Neal's Yard.

The walls are painted with pastel colors. Pastel colors are usually low in saturation giving it a natural milky and tranquil look. To describe pastel color best, imagine adding any color with white.

March & Red - 8

This burgundy colored food container caught my eye. The salad too, has a nice combination of color to it. Lime + chartreuse + lime green. Taken at Johnny's Restaurant, somewhere in Johor Bharu. My sister loves this place.

March & Red - 5

I love learning and knowing the names of all these different colors. They sound unique and very romantic if I may say so myself. This wallet for example, is colored bistre.

March & Red - 6

This ABC must not taste as nice as it was if it wasn't this colorful. Taken somewhere in Pintu Geng, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Most probably the best ABC I ever had. The ice cream's color is a shade of purple called muave.

March & Red - 7

This Kampfer Amazing wouldn't look amazing if it wasn't painted ultramarine. In the anime though, its color was more towards midnight blue.

Speaking of blue, those blue skies that we often can see during the summer is colored Azure. Azure is also the national color of Italy.

Kelantan lawan sabah FA cup 2014

A cluster of Red Warriors watching a football game. Kelantan won 2-1 against Sabah when this photo was taken.

March & Red - 2

The iconic red bus of London. Taken when I had a nice evening walk on Tower Bridge.

March & Red - 1

A red bus stopping due to the traffic light being red, nearby a red telephone booth, with a girl in red taking a picture of it. 


Inspirations, passions & motivations.
1. The theme for this entry is percepetion of things. To be honest there's no hidden meaning at all with the title name March & Red. I was originally going the call the entry "Colors" but it just doesn't fit all the other yearbook titles that I had written so far.
2. My most listened song this month is by a band named RED, titled Pieces. It is a very slow song but I donno, the song just clicks with me somehow.
3.  Speaking of red, I must've replayed that Taylor Swift's a couple dozens of time. Many agree that All Too Well is one of her most best song ever.
4. I finished watching the documentary Class of 92 last week. I've got to say from the documentary, David Beckham is the most charming and friendly and hardworking and lovable and romantic and elegant and classy guy ever. And Paul Scholes accent is near indecipherable.
5. Naruto's new development seems to borrow heavily from The Tale of Princess Kaguya.
6. The London travelogue is being written slowly and with care. I've got more than 4000 pictures from the trip and I've got a hard time choosing which ones to show.