I was in Central London a couple of months ago. It was a one week trip with my family. Taking an Underground tube to travel from Easton to Blackfriars, Camden, Oxford Street and so forth had me notice a defining characteristic of fellow Londoners, they like to me left alone. London was never silent, but everyone there seems to seek solitude.

Though humans are social creatures, I guess solitude is a way of escapism for some.

Solitude - 1

Heathrow Airport, London, a couple of hours before my scheduled flight to Egypt. I took the last train to get here and it was near midnight. Such a contrast from its busy backdrops during daylight. 

But the place was not silent. There were tiny sounds all adding up - Mechanical drills, vehicle engines, footsteps of construction foremen repairing things, the wind blowing out from air conditioners. It was an amalgam of random things but somehow it sounded right.

Solitude - 4

There was that one time me and my sister took the last scheduled train to KLCC. She arrived late from Johor Bharu and my parents won't let her take a train alone. So I took a train alone to fetch her.

There can't be more than 10 people inside the train. It was eerie. But again, never silent.

Empty KL - 3

She was supposed to arrive by 8 0'clock but by reasons that escaped me she arrived late. So I took a train to fetch her and there can't be more than 10 people inside it.  All of them looked tired, perhaps due to overtime.

Empty KL - 4

It was the last train, and we saw people cleaning the platforms. They were hard at work. Scrubbing and washing the windows.

This was when everybody was fast asleep.

Solitude - 5

The road was empty, but it wasn't silent. I've never noticed it before but everytime the traffic light changes from red to green there'll be a slight sound notifying it. But it might just all be in my head. A taxi passes by.

Solitude - 3

Inside the taxi, confined in a small space like that, conversation feels so right. The driver worked late almost everyday to support his family.

Holiday must be precious for him.

Solitude - 7

The world keeps spinning, but somehow someway, there's always something coming along the way. Nothing ever stand still.

And nothing ever sit still either.

Solitude Part 3

The world isn't simply black or white. And I could argue that perhaps grey should be everyone's favourite color.

Solitude - 2

Because grey is not a middle ground - it is simply a bridge between two colors. A bridge where we struggle even to cross.

Inspirations, passions & motivations. 
1. To be honest this post is a scribble of random things. It was originally gonna be titled "Solitude" where I talk about Londoners and their love of well, solitude that is being left alone.  But eventually I kind of struggled to get my points across and it went nowhere I guess I'm far from being a good writer yet.
2. So yesterday I stumbled upon a video of Schrodinger's Cat and the theory inspired me to write this entry. I had read the theory before of course but this time I saw it in a different light. But how such theory became an inspiration for this entry I had no idea. 
3. Hush is the name of Batman's adversary in one of his comics. I thought it was a cool name so I chose it as this entry's title.
4. This entry is about, I guess a perspective of how there's not one blank face in this world. Everyone has their own story, history, family, and quality that can touch you in different ways.  
5. I have been listening to this instrumental a lot. It is really good. I have been a big fan of Shoji Meguro eversince I heard Divine Identity a couple of years ago. Great game too.
6. I have a crush on Fujifilm XT-1
7. I'm dying to read The Abominable by Dan Simmons. Simmons is a very unique writer, he is able to write an interesting and intriguing world and relatable characters but most of the time the third act of his novel falls flat. See the Ilium/Olympos duology. Ilium was amazing but man the sequel Olympus was trash and insulting. I heard that Drood is like that as well, amazing first and second act but falls apart during the third. But do read Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, both are the best that sci-fi has to offer.