Yearbook 01: Impatient December.

     I can't believe that December is already ending. I have been listening to lots and lots of music by Sleeping At Last lately. His yearbook project has inspired me to do something similar - write something that represents each month of the year. So that means one specific entry each month. I'll be starting with December instead of January of 2014, because I think December is where most people will look into their life retrospectively, and for me atleast, it will be interesting to see how much I develop in one year. 

     This yearbook project will start in December this year and ends December next year for a total of 13 entries. I'm totally commited to this project and as of this writing,  I have mapped out entries up till March now in my head. Now all these are rough ideas of course, but I think I'm good to go. Hopefully I'll get more creative as time goes on. And at the end of each entry I'll also list down my inspirations, current passions, and things I read (or saw) that help shape that particular entry - a non official source of sorts.

     I'm trying to be more subtle with my words and make the entry as short as possible. For people diligent enough to look - they'll find that many of my sentences in these entries will be directly or heavily inspired by lines from Sleeping At Last's song. Ryan O'Neal is one talented musician. For those wondering, Sleeping At Last is not a band but rather Ryan O'Neal's musical project (he's the sole member in it). 

     The first entry is about the realisation that something happens for a reason, and time is not kind enough to wait for us to change. Enjoy.

Impatient December.

Yerbook Impatient December  - Blurry1

I vent myself for being impatient, but pretend to appreciate the importance of patience.

Yearbook Impatient December - 2

A watched kettle never seems to boil. 

Yearbook Impatient December - 3

I'm sipping hot tea, and it dawns on me that time is always a trickster.

Yearbook Impatient December - 21

Life is like a scribble of random things, and sometimes it overwhelms.

Yearbook Impatient December - Kobo1

To escape, I fell in love with stories. 

Yearbook Impatient December - 11

The room light deems and it all goes quite, but the one source of light seems bright enough to shine the darkest of rooms.

Yerbook Impatient December  - Light1

The movie plays and just when we thought the game was over, our dying soldier lives and we the audience breath a sigh of relief.

Yearbook Impatient December - 1

The movie ends and when I'm leaving, it made me realise that darkness exists to make light truly counts.

Inspirations, passions & motivations.
1. The songs by Sleeping At Last that inspired me for this first entry are Hit & Miss, 101010, Silhouettes, Atlantic and The Projectionist. Out of all those that I listed I'm inspired most by The Projectionist. It perfectly sums up the joy of seeing an enjoyable movie.
2. Reading the aftermath of the famous Ray Mancini vs Duk Koo Kim boxing match is at first hearbreaking, then becomes very heartwarming. Kim passed into a coma after the match due to head injuries and died 4 days after that - essentially making Mancini the main factor for his death. Mancini fell into depression after that but the story of how he overcomes it makes it so inspirational.
3. PMR results just came out last week. Every time I see somebody who was born in the mid to late 90s my mind automatically assumes they are quite young, but no they are now 16, 17 & 18 years old. It feels weird.
4. I've been listening to this great remix of Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek for the duration of writing this entry. So relaxing. Don't like the original version much but I love this one.
5. Kino's Journey is amazing. Perhaps my favourite anime ever.
6. Watch this video that a couple of my friends made for a video competition. If you love those old P.Ramlee movies than you're gonna love this. And the message in this video is very true as well, anyone can change but to make it a habit, now that is the hardest part.