Yearbook 02: January White.

     We are now in 2014. To be honest new year here in Egypt was very modest. No celebration, no fireworks, nothing - infact I was sleeping well before midnight. Of course if we were to think about it, the 1st of January is just another day. But the beauty of such episode is that most people including myself use it as a benchmark of sorts to start something anew. In the long run it won't make much of a difference I think because we'll eventually go back to our old ways but it is nice to try. Like a phrase I just heard "distance is the cure for something stationary".

     So a few days ago me and my friends made a trip to Dumyat beach. The place is famous for its abundance of cockles(kerang). I'll eventually do a blog update about it but some things that happened during it made me realise that sometimes, well most of the time to be honest, we should really trust our friends. I was walking around and I passed by a cafe. My style of shooting is to observe and shoot, I don't ask people for permission I just shoot. Now as I was half holding my shutter the people inside the shop noticed me wanting to take pictures of them and all of them in unison started standing and shouting at me. I knew my style of shooting would bite me one day but that was quite a scary experience. Now I was always scolded and be given weird looks by when shooting but never like this I must say. To be honest I expected my friends to mock or at least give sarcastic remarks but boy was I wrong. They supported me and gave me reassurance and I really appreciate that. I'm pretty sure I would be beaten up by those guys if I were there alone at the time.

     Another story yesterday was a friend of mine bought a turtle which was sold at the wet market in Ras El Bar. He bought it because he wants to release it back into the sea. We were going to Dumyat beach remember? I admit I though his actions were a bit too bizarre at first but buying and releasing that turtle was by far the most interesting experience I had in quite some time. I'm sure all of us there had the same thought because by the end of the trip we decided to divide the cost of the turtle amongst the eleven of us. 

    So for the January version of yearbook the message would be to appreciate friendship and realise that true friends really can be depended upon when the time transpire. Also to no be afraid to leave things behind because we sometimes underestimate how the heart can adapt. Again, this entry is heavily inspired by Sleeping At Last's yearbook album.

January White.

A Window of Limitless Possibility

Locked doors are locked forever, but windows of opportunity are always opened.

Yearbook January White - 1

Where the light is so strong and overwhelming that we need sometime to adjust. 


Every calendar is playing the same old trick, the year will disappear but we really won't mind.

Yearbook January White - Colors1

The wall can be painted a lighter colour of blue, or maybe it is better to paint it anew.

Yearbook January White - 2

Though the ride with the unfamiliar won't ever feel awkward. 

Yearbook January White - 3

And some fear won't ever be less alarming.

Yearbook January White BBQ Strawberry

I need to learn to trust, though sometimes the road can be bizarre. 

Fusion Dance

Friends. They are my lock and key when I'm blind. I promise I'll always do better.

Inspirations, passions & motivations.

1. Of course, I was inspired by January White from Sleeping At Last. The lyrics and the melody makes it a perfect new year song in my opinon. And also 101010 from him as well. I'm currently studying Oncology which means the study of cancer. 101010 was inspired when Ryan O'Neal met an old couple inside an elevator whom the husband is a cancer patient. The song really isn't about cancer at all but I met a few cancer patients so far and I think I can see where the lyrics come from so the song is another inspiration for me.
2. This scene from the movie Rundown starring The Rock is a perfect passing of the torch moment without it being too pretentious and overblown. It shows a cameo Arnold Schwarzenegger the action hero star of the 80's and 90's giving a remark to The Rock who at that time was poised to be the action hero movie star of the new millenium.
3.  I highly recommend people in Egypt to visit Dumyat, Damietta. The beach is full with cockles (kerang).
4. Guardians of the Galaxy looks so good. With Marvel going cosmic I'm hoping it does well at the box office because it can make a Nova movie possible. And if a Nova movie is possible then Annihilation is also possible. Think Avengers but on a much larger scale. Cosmic Marvel is truly the best Marvel.
5. I'm listening to Audrey by Hiroyuki Sawano when writing this.  It is not a song but rather an instrumental. Give it a listen.
6. I highly recommend watching Jiro's Dreams of Sushi. This documentary tells the story of Jiro, a sushi chef who whose shop was rewarded 3 Michelin Stars, the highest accolade for a chef worldwide. But still, he is still in his quest for sushi perfection. But really the true protagonist of this story is his son who has to work hard to step out from his father's shadow and people's high expectations for him.
7. I'll be updating my Cambodia trip next. I'm long overdue sorry.