a fishermen's village.

I was in Kuala Besut for 3 days.

Woke up early in the morning to go to the fish market. I think I woke up around the range of 5.30 am, which is very early for my standard.

I love the sea breeze during this hour.

A fishing boat by the harbor. Frankly I arrived late, as most of the fishes are already inside the complex. I was hoping to take pictures of fishermen carrying the fishes into the complex, but alas luck is not on my side. Maybe next time.

This is an LKIM complex, the place where fishes and other seafood are collected before being distributed elsewhere.

You can buy fishes here at a price cheaper than the market. But don't expect it to be too cheap though, seafood are expensive everywhere.

A nice display of teamwork by the locals.

I'm ashamed to say that I don't know the name and types of many of these fishes.

Fresh squids for sale.

Barramundi, or as we call it, ikan siakap. But this is no normal siakap, it is of the sea variance, which according to my cousin quite hard to get nowadays. It is a lot tastier too.

I wonder how it feels to be in the sea for several days.

The sun is up and shining now though the watch only shows 7.30 o'clock in the morning.

Fish Market  7.
But the surrounding is still cold and breezy which is very nice.

  Fish Market  8.
I'm sure most of us are still sleeping right now, or for those who are working - are just getting into the office. These guys are already awoke by 3.00AM to start their work.

Fish Market  6.
Simply fascinating to see.

They use those things at the top of the boat to catch fishes in a large amount. Normally they will leave it down the sea for several hours, up to half a day and scoop it back in into the boat. The boat is not static during this time, it will circle around to maximise the catch.

I will surely be coming back , I'm sure there's many new knowledge that I can learn here.

Bukit Keluang.
Stopped by Bukit Keluang next.

Watch Your Feet!
I was really, really surprised at how much of a mess this place looks right now. It wasn't like this the last time I was here. Look at the wooden bridge, there are gaps everywhere. One wrong step and you'll fall down under.

I think lack of funding is one of the main factor for this.

Rocks 2.
It was amazing to see this little thing fly, and believe me, getting it to hover and fly is harder than it looks.

More Rubbish.
Frankly this is just embarassing, since this quite a popular tourist spot. Infact there's a resort just near this.

Rocks 3
Sat down near the beach for a few minutes before going home to have breakfast.

Warung Nasi Air.
A local warung. The porridge here is nice.

Eating Out.
Ordered ABC and Nasi Air for lunch.

Got brain freeze eating this.

What a nice little village.

The sun starts to set. Let's try to catch the sunset shall we?

Seeing this man fishing by the beach really caught my eye.

Seeing this man fishing by the beach really caught my eye. I was wondering the whole time, is is possible to fish here, and what kind of fish can they catch?

These are some of the fishes they caught. They are quite small but it is better than nothing I guess. I forgot the name of the fish here.

Beach Fishing 2.
Let us leave this two man alone. Don't want to make them fell uncomfortable for too long.

What a nice looking sea of trees.

Unfortunately the area is not that clean. We are quick to blame the state council for not being serious in keeping the place clean, but take a look at this. There's a rubbish bin just next to this, but alas, people are too lazy too follow a simple moral code.

I guess it is a matter of our mentality towards cleanliness.

Yellow Kancil.
Some people are playing small motorcars here. Looks fun.

These are for the little kids.

Pokok Ru.
Let's move on.

The Jetty
Arrived at the jetty at last. It's same place where I took the very first picture in this blog post.

You know it's funny, I have always been travelling around the village for more than 20 years and this is the very first time I've known of this spot.

Not quite sure if the bridge is intentionally built that way or not.

Again, people here really love to fish.

I strayed to the pack of trees nearby.

Looks like a scene from the soon to be released Hobbit movie.

Wish the place was bigger.

A shame how this picture is ruined by a plastic bag. Seems like rubbish is a re-occuring theme around here.

Went back to the jetty and the sky is now golden yellow- perfect for a sunset photograph. This man must have been here for hours already judging by his empty foodpack and drinks. They say fishing is a game of patience and I couldn't agree more.

From a photography stand point, this is not a very good photograph due to the not-so-straight horizon line. But due to lack of any editing software, I'll just post this the way it is.

Maybe one day I'll invest in Aperture. Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop is out of the question though, they are too expensive for me. I'll never use GIMP even though it's free, the learning curve is too much for me.


One thing of note is I can't help but notice just how much tourists here in Besut. Realize that we live in a very beautiful country, it is a huge waste for us if we were to not travel around and see the best our country has to offer.

I hope people enjoy reading and looking at the pictures as much as I enjoy taking them. It is a priceless experience, and one that makes me thing how unique our country really is.